Our Team

Our team and how we engage

Passion, commitment and expertise is what defines an Interweaver. We believe we are architects of change. Our solutions are designed to not not only impact organisations but also contribute equally to the larger goal of societal inclusion.

Our team of skilled and experienced consultants, understands that there are no “cut and paste” solutions. We know that no two organizations are alike. Therefore we customize and design all of our interventions to suit the unique needs of our clients. Each of our solutions focuses on accommodating the organisation’s global philosophy, business realities, current events, demographics and even the resource limitations that an organisation may have.

Our inclusion strategies and solutions aim at cultural change. Our cadre of fully committed and well-trained consultants and facilitators will engage with you to inspire new thinking, different experiences and behavioural changes. All of these are targeted towards enabling innovation seamless communication and higher productivity. Whatever the challenge, our consultants will walk the path with you.

While we have been pioneers in the space and pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of the D&I space in India, we continuously reinvent wheels in our work and adapt to the changing needs of the corporate world around us!

Even the same programme, if repeated in the same organization, for a different group of people or at a different time will be different.

Board of Directors

Nirmala Menon
Prashant Sankaran

Our Team

Loveleen Sebastian
Radhika Vijay
H.S.Shama Sundar
Evan Hastings
Jalaja Pillai
Rina Sharma
Aruna Ganesh Ram
Anuradha Rao
Madhuka Das