“No Excuses” Workshop for Managers – Prevent & Recognize Harassment at Work

The Sexual Harassment of Women at work place (Prevent, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 places responsibility on the employer to prevent and address the issues of harassment though internal education. Managers as representatives of the employer have special responsibilities in this regard. Interweave provides face to face workshops to create awareness around the subject and comprehensively discuss the nuances around harassment at work so that managers understand their roles and responsibilities in this area

“No Excuses” Workshop for Complaints Committee Members – Prevent & Recognize Harassment at work

This workshop is aimed at training ICC members to conduct formal investigation, help them with interviewing tips, legal requirements to accept a case, drawing conclusions, assessing credibility and deciding on corrective action. This workshop also covers closing procedures, timelines to be followed, penalties for contravention of provisions and tips to write a report.

“No Excuses” E-learning module – Prevent & Recognize Sexual Harassment at Work for All Employees

It is a computer based compliance solution that has been designed specifically to help organizations stay compliant with the mandated education as directed by The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013. This 60 minute self-paced module helps the learner understand his/her role in creating a safe and respectful workplace. With the help of real-life cases, the learner is guided through the subject from recognizing sexual harassment to preventing and reporting incidents appropriately.

  • Effective, pro-active and cost efficient method to ensure compliance.
  • India specific module with Indian culture based cases.
  • Self-paced interactive module, ideal for large, multi-location organisations
  • End-of-session quiz to ensure understanding.
  • Electronic tracking of the completion of course.

“No Excuses” Train the Trainer workshop:

This process will enable in-house trainers to conduct awareness workshops with employees across the company. The participants will be coached specifically on handling queries and grey areas in cases that may be discussed. They will also identify and discuss examples they have seen or heard of. They can use these to highlight different aspects of the subject in a session they lead.

Advisory Service to Complaints Committee

Interweave can help organizations with appropriate strategies in planning their sexual harassment prevention measures as well as managing claims and investigations as per the required process. From assessing whether a complaint is a workplace harassment issue or an incident of sexual harassment, to how it must received and closed, Interweave’s services can complement your organisation’s efforts and help you create a fair as well as safe workplace for your employees.

Our wide experience and years of work in this space make us your best choice when it comes to ensuring process compliance, interpretive guidance and documentation of outcomes.

Depending on the case to be investigated, Interweave will assign an appropriate “External” Committee member from its panel of qualified members to ensure investigations are done in a fair and unbiased manner.

This support can be reached out for, on a case to case basis or as an ongoing advisory program.

With Due Respect

A respectful workplace is a non-negotiable element of an inclusive workplace. This workshop, while touching upon some of the basics of respect at the workplace, goes on further to explore the existing barriers to respect, and hence inclusion; and reiterating the roles and responsibilities of employees in ensuring a respectful workplace.