Diversity Professional (CDP) program

Introducing the first of its kind certification program in Diversity and Inclusion in India, in collaboration with Diversity Training University International, California. With the launch of India’s first Diversity Certification program, we hope to bridge the gap between the need and availability of required skill sets and knowledge for Diversity professionals in India.Diversity leaders are challenged by working in fast-moving, ever-changing organisations that require them to take on a variety of roles and responsibilities. Continuous learning is critical in meeting these challenges. This program is a must for the diversity leader who wants to acquire advanced knowledge and skills in the profession.

The program will provide diversity professionals with the competence to design and develop diversity programs as in-house resource experts or external consultants.

Who can participate?

  • Are you in charge of your organisation’s diversity initiative?
  • Want to learn the best practices for promoting inclusion?
  • Want to get the most out of your diversity steering committee?
  • Wondering how to get the leadership to fully support the diversity initiative?
  • Need to assess how inclusive your organisation is?

If the answers to the above questions are in affirmative, then this course is for you. The Certified Diversity Professional (CDP) program offers state-of-the-art diversity and inclusion strategies for diversity officers, consultants, and trainers. Learn to think like an organisational change expert to identify and remove diversity and inclusion barriers. The program focuses on identifying inclusion barriers, making a case for an organisational change initiative, and developing intervention strategies.

Program methodology

The program involves 10 weeks of online learning followed by 3 days of classroom session. This online version provides you with the flexibility to do the course at your pace.

Participants receive Diversity Consultation Certification from Interweave Consulting and Diversity Training University International, California upon completion of the online and the classroom modules along with the assignments. DTUI has been certifying diversity professionals at a distance since 1998.

Limited seats are available, so get in touch with us soon! For more details, write to us at IW-DTUIcertification@interweave.in